Premium Luxury Gift Box w/ Magnetic Closure Lid

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This Luxurious Gift Box just screams out Luxury, Style, High End, Classic & Modern – a true Treasure Box!
• Contains 20 packets of Cerebral PRIME (4 capsules/packet) – 80 capsules
• Contains 10 packets of Cerebral SLEEP (2 capsules/packet) – 20 capsules
Gold Foil Hot Stamp on top of box
Raised ink for Logo and words inside the box
Magnetic Closure Lid
Perfect Gift for any occasion!
Give it to yourself and your loved ones! Perfect Birthday and Christmas Gift!
Cerebral PRIME increases daytime performance by enhancing neurotransmitters which improve cognitive function, data processing, mental speed, and physical reaction time. Cerebral PRIME increases motivation, focus, energy, memory, mood, creativity, endurance and anti-fatigue so you can be more productive and get things done!
Cerebral SLEEP takes sleep to the next level by enhancing REM Sleep and Deep Sleep so the body can heal, recover, recharge, and replenish, while the brain consolidates memory and is rejuvenated. Enhanced REM Sleep and Deep Sleep is not only good for combating aging but also good for your mind, heart, health, life, longevity, and even your waistline.
Be Kind to your Brain & Give it the Best!
Study, Work, Train, Compete – Perform at Your Best!

Cerebral PRIME – 20 Packets (4 Capsules/Packet) – 80 Capsules
Cerebral SLEEP – 10 Packets (2 Capsules/Packet) – 20 Capsules

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