the Ultimate Brain Nootropic Stack for Performance, Sleep & Brain Health
Cerebral PRIME & Cerebral SLEEP
Mental Performance Enhancer + REM & Deep Sleep Enhancer
Cerebral Prime Cerebral Sleep Brain Energy focus motivation concentration mental speed cognition


Unleash Your

Brain Potential


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Increase Data Processing & Cognitive Function

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Increase Mental Speed & Physical Reaction Time

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Motivation & Focus to be Productive and Get Things Done!

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Heighten Concentration, Energy & Speed

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Enhance REM Sleep & Deep Sleep

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Mental Performance Enhancer - The Performance EDGE!
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Cerebral PRIME – Mental Performance EDGE
Increase Brain Power, Mental & Physical Performance
• Mental Speed • Data Processing • Learning/Memory
• Motivation • Focus • Energy • Cognitive Function
• Mental Acuity • Creativity • Connected Thoughts
• Power • Endurance • Drive • Physical Reaction Time
Brain Health – Reduce Cognitive Decline, Memory Loss, Depression, Cell Damage

REM & Deep Sleep Enhancer - Enhance Quality of Life!
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Cerebral SLEEP – Enhance REM & DEEP Sleep
Improve Sleep Quality, Memory, Healing, Brain Health
• Memory • Replenish Neurotransmitters • Brain Health
• Tissue/Cell Repair • Healing Skin/Wrinkles • Anti-Aging
• Mood/Passion • Immune System • Enhance Metabolism
• Reduce Risk of Obesity, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease
Brain Health – Powerful Neuroprotection for Long-Term Brain Health

Long term improvement in Brain Health, Enhanced REM & Deep Sleep, Mental Performance & Physical Performance!
A Healthier Brain is a Happier Life!


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Be More Productive and Get Things Done!


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STUDY – Enhance Learning/Memory, Focus, Creativity & Mental Acuity

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WORK – Improve Energy, Problem-Solving, Mood & Productivity

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TRAIN – Heighten Motivation, Mental Drive, Endurance & Anti-Fatigue

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COMPETE – Increase Mental Speed, Data Processing & Physical Reaction Time

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Cerebral PRIME - Mental Performance Enhancer
Cerebral PRIME enhances Neurotransmitters to increase Mental & Physical Performance: mental speed, data processing, learning/memory, neuroprotection, motivation, focus, energy, cognitive function, creativity, mood, endurance, power and faster reaction time.
MENTAL Performance
Cerebral PRIME Enhances Neurotransmitters to Increase Mental Performance
Increase New Connection Formations between Neurons & enhance impulse transmission
Enhance “Smart Drug” Neurotransmitter compound to cross blood-brain barrier to improve cognition
Increase Mental/Brain Energy, focus, motivation, drive, accuracy, mental stamina
Increase Mental Speed, Reaction Time, data processing, rapid visual information processing (RVIP)
Improve Memory Formulation & recall, learning, concentration, recognition
Alpha-1 Waves Production – improve attention mechanisms, arousal/mental alertness
Improve Cognitive Function, problem solving, decision making
Sharpen Mental Acuity, mental clarity, reasoning and logic learning
Increase Creativity, smoother connected thoughts & communication (logic & free speech)
Serotonin Synthesis & Adaptogens – improve mood status & stability; stress level
Frontal Lobe Bioenergetics & alters phopholipid membrane turnover – mitigate cognitive decline
PHYSICAL Performance
Cerebral PRIME Enhances Physical Performance
• Energy • Power • Athletic Performance
• Mental Speed • Physical Reaction Time
• Alertness • Concentration • Awareness
• Attention • Visual-Motoric Coordination
Increase Motivation & Drive – renewed focus towards goal-oriented tasks & activities
Increase Endurance, Vigilance, Stamina and Physical Perseverance
Anti-Fatigue – reduce elevated ammonia levels in the blood
– caused by prolonged exercise, physical work
– work longer, efficiently, less injuries/accidents
Enhance Thermogenesis (metabolism) to burn more body fat
• Increase Motivation, Focus & Energy to be More Productive and Get Things Done!
Whether you Study, Work, Train or Compete, Perform at Your Best with Cerebral PRIME!
Cerebral SLEEP - REM & Deep Sleep Enhancer
Cerebral SLEEP enhances REM Sleep and Deep Sleep to recharge/heal mind and body – to improve memory consolidation, neuroprotection, tissue/cell repair, healing skin/wrinkles, anti-aging, mood/passion, immune system, metabolism and to reduce risk of depression, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease.
Enhance REM Sleep
Cerebral SLEEP Enhances REM Sleep – (Mind)
Replenishes Neurotransmitters in the brain that organize neural networks
– essential for remembering, learning, performance and problem solving
Memory Consolidation – sleep spindles fire away & work with temporal lobe
– makes sense of new information
– stores new information in long-term memory
Brain Rejuvenation – improve learning, alertness, focus, motivation, vigilance, creativity
Enhanced REM Sleep Has More Benefits
Improve Psychological Well-Being
Increase Sexual Desire based on a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine
Improve Mental Health; increase adaptogens
Reduce symptoms of Depression; improve mood
Increase Will Power to achieve goals
– whether it’s healthier eating, more exercise
– quit smoking, improve relationships or get ahead at work
Enhance DEEP Sleep
Cerebral SLEEP Enhances DEEP Sleep – (Body)
Strengthen Immune System – increase white blood cell production
Increase Protective Cytokines production & infection-fighting antibodies
Anti-Aging – reduce blemishes, inflammation wrinkles & other signs of aging
– by preventing arachidonic acid production
– lessen premature aging & improve tissue repair
Improve Wound Healing and bodily healing
Enhanced DEEP Sleep Has More Benefits
Enhance Metabolism – burn body fat
Serotonin Synthesis for appetite control
Reduce Risk of Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease
Reduce Risk of Stroke, Heart Disease and other life threatening diseases
• Beneficial for short term and long term health
Get More Out of Your Sleep with Cerebral SLEEP!
Unleash the potential of Enhanced REM and Deep Sleep so you can have a Healthier, Happier & Longer Life!
Brain Health and Quality of Sleep are crucial to our entire well-being, health, performance, passion and quality of life.
Brain Needs Extra Neuroprotection to Combat:
• Free Radical & Oxidative Cell Damage to the Brain
• Excitotoxicity & Cytotoxicity – harmful to brain
• Fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress and trauma
• Declines in cognitive function, memory, energy and passion that are brought on with age
Cerebral PRIME & Cerebral SLEEP contain Powerful Neuroprotection
Enhance Brain Health, Brain Plasticity & Repair
– heal from stress, trauma, depression
Proanthocyanidin/Procyanidin molecules
– exert anti-oxidative effects in neurons
Flavonoids (Polyphenols, Catechins, EGCG)
– reduce brain damage & mental decline
– reduce brain diseases: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia
Neuroprotection – More Health Benefits
Acetylcholine Neurotransmitter (neuron membrane depolarization)
– improve memory esp for stroke survivors
Neuroprotective against β-amyloid proteins
– pathology of neurodegenerative conditions, cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer’s
Epicatechins, Bioflavonoids & Phenolic Acids
– help protect collagen & elastic tissue from oxidative damage (primary cause of skin aging)
** Effects of Sleep Quality **
Much of our health and performance is built on the foundation of sleep. Besides low mental and physical performance, poor quality of sleep is detrimental to brain health and increases risk of obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc.
Lack of REM Sleep is Detrimental to Mental Health
Less Energy, Focus, Concentration, Motivation, and Drive
Feel Mentally Slow, tired, groggy, moody and sluggish physically
Reduce Cognitive Function – tougher to remember, focus, learn, solve problems
More Accidents (workplace & driving) – reduce reaction time, cause drowsiness
Lack of Deep Sleep is Detrimental to Physical Health
Causes Premature Aging, slows wound healing and tissue repair
Weaken Immune System, decrease white blood cells – more susceptible to illness
Decrease Protective Cytokines production and infection-fighting antibodies
Increase Risk of Obesity, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease
What if we can achieve better quality of sleep and get more out of sleep? What if we can improve brain health and physical health while we sleep?

Mental Speed • Focused Energy

Mental Acuity • Learning/Memory

Deeper Sleep • Healing Skin

A Renewed Sense of Passion, Motivation, Focus and Energy to Live Life More Fully!
Study, Work, Train or Compete, Perform at Your Best! Be More Productive and Get Things Done!!
Long term improvement in Brain Health, Enhanced REM & Deep Sleep, Mental Performance & Physical Performance!
A Healthier Brain is a Happier Life!
The brain is a complex organ that controls not only thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, but also affects our quality of life mentally and physically. Our Brain Health is crucial, and it deserves the very best!
We believe that human life is a great miracle! We believe in the potential of the human mind to learn, to think, to dream, to believe, to work, to help, to give, to inspire, to create and to achieve great things.
Our mission is to make products that help people not only to achieve their full potential both mentally and physically but also to improve quality of life. A healthier brain is a happier life!
Since brain health and our mission are dear to us, we procure the highest quality ingredients that work synergistically to improve brain health, mental performance, sleep quality, mental wellness, physical well-being, healthy aging and quality of life.